Friday, August 19, 2016

When In Doubt...

... Post sketch cards!
Josie by Fer Galicia
Yeah, I've been keeping up with my scanning surprisingly diligently now that I have a desk and the scanner is at eye level, but I haven't gotten around to following up my latest attempt to get this cannoli stand up and running very well.  So at this point, I have no idea what scans are supposed to go where, or when... or why.  Thus, random sketch card pick-ups it is!

Pulp Girls sketch card by...
...Dennis Budd!
I scored this trio of 5finity sketch cards as a cheap lot from what turned out to be the same seller as Raz' bunch from his recent post not long after he picked up his at auction (this was a BIN of multi-time failures to sell).  They only set me back a grand total of $9.99 + $3.50 shipping.  Well under $5 a card, even after shipping.  I think I've only managed a better per-card rate on lots maybe three times in all my years of collecting sketch cards, and they were all at least 7 cards strong.  One was an absolutely insane 57, but that's another story for another time...

The Pussycats by Kate Hayward..
Sketch cards don't even have to be that great for me to be willing to pay under $5, but that wasn't really a problem here.  Fer Galicia is one of favorite sketch card artists, and the main reason I picked this trio up.  His card probably worth what I paid for the entire bunch alone, and I'm happy to add another to the binder.  Dennis Budd is another nice name to get from the lower end of the sketch card marketplace as well.

Happily, everyone signed their names, which doesn't always happen..
I'm not as enamored with the art on the third card, which is by Kate Hayward.  A quick search of cards by her available on eBay indicates her work can vary in quality dramatically (my work is the same way, tbh), and while I this isn't one of her strongest efforts, it looks like she has some legitimately great stuff out there, and I wouldn't hesitate to pick up more of her work should it fall in to my ever feeble price range.  As for the card in my possession, it does feature the entire band on it and the colors are excellent, so I still like it enough that I don't really have any inclination of moving it without a pretty good reason for doing so.

That about wraps it up for this post.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next...

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