Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And We're Back... Again!

Yes, and I might actually hang around for a little while this time!

Some noticeable changes have taken place over the past month.  First, the reason I disappeared all of a sudden.  Both my computer AND my tablet ate it within a few days of each other, somewhere in the 8-12th of July neighborhood.  However, my most likely extremely annoying penchant for aimless wandering allowed me to luck into a very nice, very cheap new laptop before the month was out.  It's specs are pretty much baseline, but that's what you get for $250 (well, $400 originally, but it was on sale), but it does everything I need it to right now.  It also has an excellent 7-ish hour battery life as its one real plus tool (seems to charge hella fast too).  I've spent these first couple weeks getting acquainted with it and adding a lot of my typical bells & whistles (Open Office, MAME, etc), and now I'm finally starting to get into the swing of things again.

I didn't forget that I owe a few people some cards, which I will try to get done before Halloween, at the latest.  It will probably be sooner, but I'm still under the gun even more than usual money-wise, since I'll be paying my laptop (and the service plan) off through at least October, so I'm just trying to be cautious with the date & not get anyone's hopes up.

Around the same time I got the laptop & started getting it ready for action, my little brother was in the midst of his big move to Texas to be with his girlfriend (which may have been the single most successful, relatively drama free long distance move in human history).  Anyway, this is worth noting because he left me his ginormous desk on the way outta town.  Not that there was room for him to take it with him anyway, since it's a good three feet long in one direction, five feet in the other, and both sides are two feet wide, but he is, at least for the time being, leaving behind journalism for what seems to be a job that's more along the lines of social work.

So yeah, I'm typing this from that desk right now and it is amazing.  It's not completely set up how I want it yet, but it's already working out quite well.  I have room for my computer, the scanner is at eye level now, and there's still plenty of room for me to draw (or paint, he left me a watercolor sketchbook & some paints too, as well as a little box with an unused Munny and a few action figures), and keep some binders and a few of my favorite toys on it.

Oh, I started running again too!  I'm slow as molasses (I was never remotely fast even at my peak anyway) and my knees are trash, but being active makes me feel better and a little more functional.  I wonder if Antwon moving on played a part in making me take it back up too.  Maybe watching life moving on without me lit a small fire under my ass.  I dunno, but I'm going again, and I like the way it feels.

Losing the computer and tablet hurt, but maybe, just maybe, things are starting to look up.

Since you indulged my babbling about life stuff, I'll leave you with a card stuff.  Here's a recent eBay pickup I just scanned for you to enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by!
2016 Topps WWE Eve Torres..
..Gold Parallel #'ed 4/10!
Until our next...

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