Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Trading Post: Cards from Cards on Cards (on Cards)

This is the only redbird you'll ever likely see on this blog..
I have another trade in progress with Kerry from Cards on Cards, so I better get this older one posted already!

He loves him some Cardinals, and I hates them so, but I often manage pull them by the buttload, and he is the primary beneficiary.  He struggles similarly with Cubs, and some of them make it back my way.  The competition for Cubbies is often fierce in the cardsphere (even when they stunk), however, and my collecting habits are... eclectic, so I tend to have to mix it up, and this post will be no exception.
3/4 of the major additions..
The Gold BowChro Cespedes came from a Loot Locker pack, I believe, and was the catalyst for this deal.  Cain was a late request as well.  I wasn't expecting the Heritage Chrome, but it was a welcome surprise.  While Lorenzo Cain's page is still in the early stages, my Yoenis Cespedes single page collection is now nearly complete. :)
2016 Bowman Solers..
The undercard of this trade was a lot more Cubs-centric, though there was a psychedelic Allen Iverson base card from the late-'90s in there too.

Some new Jakes..
Finishing up strong..
We'll close it out with a couple nice Schwarber RCs and the last of the four big scores in this trade, that there Kris Bryant RC.  I also wasn't expecting it, but I will never ever turn down a KB RC, even if it's my third copy of the same card.  It's an instant classic too, cropped enough to see the concentration in his eyes.  Great, great card, amongst a package filled with many.

That's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by! :)

Until our next...

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