Thursday, August 25, 2016

High End Heroes (and Villains)

2015 Fleer Retro Marvel Elektra Blue PMG...
While I was going insanely overboard during COMC's Spring Cleaning sale, I also won another a cool lot in one of my very few forays onto the eBay this year.  The above Elektra-fying blue beauty actually came from the COMC sale, but the lot also comes from the 2015 iteration of Upper Deck's high end Retro Marvel set, so I figured she fit in with them better than a leading off a COMC Miscellany post.  Precious Metal Gems are also a low-key White Whale, so getting both a red and blue in short order (and both of characters I like!) was pretty cool.  Just need a Rogue & She-Hulk from 2013 and I can close the book on Marvel PMGs for good.
...#'ed 30/50!
Now onto the lot itself.
The low-tier inserts..
They all mimic the backs of the originals pretty decently..
These are some of the low end inserts from this high end set.  They mimic early-'90s releases.  Most have autographed parallels.  There will be one later.
Regular Metals..
The regular Metals are easier gets too.  PMGs are their parallels, which come in the above Blue /50 and below Red /100 (which are one per box) varieties, as well as the far beyond my means Green, which are numbered out of only /10.
Flair backs..
Flair are where the inserts start to get a little more interesting, and they have their own, honestly rather forgettable, throwback parallel.  They're on sturdier stock though.  I didn't get any of the higher tier of inserts in this lot, which are mostly based on sports base and inserts sets from the late-'90s, though there's a couple vintage-styled inserts in this iteration of the set as well.  Certain ones can even outstrip the price of Red PMGs, despite none of them being numbered.

There are also sketch cards, and I do have one from the 2013 set, but that'll probably get its own post somewhere down the line.  I did get a couple autographs though.  Have a looksie,,,
Falcon (base) and Iron Patriot (Skybox)...
...autographed by Mark Brooks and Stuart Immonen..
Here are the autos.  Falcon is a base auto and Iron Patriot is from the same insert set as Ares.  I dig the gold ink.  Nice choice.  Immonen is a recognizable name.  Shame he's not the auto on Falcon.
Storm Red PMG...
We've finally reached the end of this post, and the Precious Metal Gem that was the centerpiece of the lot.  Mohawked Storm.  Nice.  I got all that for just a hair more than the blue PMG cost by itself, and way less than half what all of it would have cost me individually on COMC (and those comparisons were made back during the huge Spring Cleanup sale!).
...#'ed 83/100!
Almost done, and not a moment too soon.  I've been blogging about sports cards off & on since March of 2008, and this is first time in all that time that I've ever managed an entire, uninterrupted week of posts!

As for the lot itself, most of it I expect to be keeping.  PMGs ain't going anywhere.  If I trade the autos, it'll probably just be for autos on characters I like more.  All the ladies will go in my hottie binders.  Cyclops can stay, because he is a great character that very few people, including many X-Men writers understand and respect.  Ironically, their attempts to turn him into unlikable jerkass have made him a much more interesting, complex character than he'd ever been before.  On top of that, while ol' Cyke has gotten all deep & interesting over the past decade, eternal rival Wolverine has kinda truly become embodiment of the lame, overrated, overexposed Marty Stu a proud few of us had always known and professed him to be.  Glorious.

Whew, rant mode off.  I do have other destinations in mind for a few of these, like Iceman going to Gavin in my trade with him, since Bobby's younger self was recently outed in the comics, on questionable grounds, and via rather carelessly skeevy means.  But it is what it is.  Pack War, Cardboard History, and Johnny's Trading Spot might have a card or two waiting for them when I finally get their packages sent over the next month or two.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!
Until our next...

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