Friday, August 26, 2016

A Well-Executed Bunt Keeps the Streak Alive

Billy Hamilton Platinum Parallel #'ed 82/99..
I wasn't gonna post anything today, but I picked up a rack pack of Topps Bunt and thought I'd share the good stuff & keepers and maybe a few quick thoughts.

Up top is a Platinum parallel of Billy Hamilton.  It wasn't nearly as difficult to pick out as the internet would have me believe.  He is for trade.  Get at me, Redlegs fans and/or Billy Backers.
Trevor Story RC..
I pulled a couple nice RCs in Story and Maeda.  I'll hang onto them for the RC binder for now, since they represent the first card I've pulled of either guy so far this year.
Kenta Maeda RC
The first thing you'll notice about these cards is they are more fragile than a men's rights activist, and flimsier than most of their excuses.  They rival Panini Complete basketball in that regard, though Bunt is much glossier.
I love the look of the base cards, for the most part.  The logos mostly pop, but depending on the player photo and general drabness of certain team's logos, it can be a little hit-or-miss.
 There's nothing wrong with the Cubs logo though.  It works phenomenally on two I pulled.
Hosmer Program..
The Program inserts might be the insert of the year, but all the inserts seem to be pretty nice.  Topps brought their A-game, if not their A-cardstock to this set.  The Programs are the only set I'm definitely chasing though.
Big Unit Unique Unis insert..
I dig the Unique Unis set as well, because I loves me some unique unis, but I'm gonna let this one pass & just try to track down the players I like in it.
Free Bunt virtual pack redeemer..
I haven't scratched this yet, and nobody DM'ed me on Twitter, so if you're on the App and want a freebie pack, email me, and it shall be yours.
Base backs..
Closing it out with the backs.  The only one of note is the Program insert.  Everything else is meh, but it doesn't really bother me, to be honest.  I understand why some folks are disappointed, but backs have never been a big selling point to me.  To each their own, I guess.
Insert backs..
In closing, I have absolutely been known to give Topps a lot of crap when I feel it's warranted, but I gotta give 'em props on this release.  There was clearly a decent amount of thought and effort put into this, and overall, I really like it.  Nice job, whoever it was that lead the charge in putting this set together.

That's it for this post.  Got it in just under the gun again.  We're up to eight days in a row.  Every day is a new personal best.  Thanks for stopping by!
Until our next...


  1. "they are more fragile than a men's rights activist, and flimsier than most of their excuses."

    Almost spit out my drank - well played, sir! Also, I have to agree that those Programs inserts are some of the best in any baseball product this year.

    1. Come for the cards, stay for the biting semi-political commentary. :P