Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sketch Card Mania! Vol. 1: Cartoons & Anime

A couple months back I was wanting to draw up several sketch cards in one sitting, but was struggling to come up with who/what to draw.  So I opened up the suggestion box to my geekier Facebook haunts, because Twitter senpai refuses to notice me (though I've had a lot more engagement and interaction on there recently).  I got about 28 doable suggestions, and drew 18 of them, three of which I still haven't gotten around to coloring yet.  I also somehow managed to not actually have any regular blanks at my place, which I didn't realize before I put out the call, which is where the title comes in.  I had to tear the page of blanks out of the back of my two copies of the book Sketch Card Mania (note the perforations).  This is also why I only drew 18 of the suggestions.  I only had 18 blanks to work with and wanted to keep the continuity (I even searched for dad's copy in order to keep it all on the same stock, but it never turned up).  It's a stupid reason for not getting to all of them, but I'm a stupid guy... Hey wait!

Anyway, good ol' Krillin from the legendary, massively overrated Dragon Ball franchise is up top, and here's the rest of the first bunch.
Haku from Sprited Away..
Haku was one of the better ones, I think.  He was one of the only ones I managed to move.  It was pretty popular though, I guess, because I ended up making a second, which you'll see at the end.
Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion..
I know it's considered an all-time classic, but I've never seen any of Evangelion, nor am I particularly interested in doing so anytime soon.  I'm also not particularly fond of how this turned out.  I prefer to keep the colors relatively simple on anime sketches, but something went wrong and I had to go all out, and it just ended up looking kinda weird.  Bleh, moving on.
Steven Universe...
...and the Crystal Gems!
Steven and the Crystal Gems came from different people in different groups, which I guess isn't too surprising.  It is a wildly popular show.  The card of Steven is noticeably skinnier, because all the cards on the right side of the pages were like that.  It was weird, and I didn't even notice until after I'd already drawn & inked everything and pulled 'em apart.  The other ones are almost all too wide to fit in penny sleeves, and they're all slightly too tall to properly fit in binder pages too.  If you wanna buy one ($10 a pop, free PWE shipping), you'll probably just wanna leave it in its top loader as is.

More Haku!
The original Haku, which was bought by its suggester, ended getting me an actual commission for a second one out of the deal.  I still only charged the same low, low price I was charging for the Sketch Card Mania bunch, but hey, it's better than nothing.  This one turned out rather nice too.

Another post in the books.  Thanks for stopping by!
Until our next...

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