Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Topper

I picked up the topper to a full player collection earlier this summer.  It arrived not long after all my technologies went haywire on me.  That's why I'm just now getting around to posting it, and many other things, in the here & now, in case you're just catching back up with me at this post.  The thing about this PC though, is that I didn't know it was a full player collection at the time.
2016 TSC Robinson Cano Lonestarr Signatures Gold #'ed 8/10 *manly grunting*..
Yeah... Pretty nice, huh?  Shortly after completing another small trade with him (the highlight of which I believe was a blue Archives Michael Brantley parallel #'ed 1/199), the legendary Night Owl pulled this beauty out of blaster and tweeted about it, so I offered up every decent Dodger (amongst other surprise oddities) I could dig up and sent them his way.
The back..
Now, about the premise of the post.  I have a bit of an affinity for second basemen because, in the long, long ago, that was my natural position in little league.  I have a full collection dedicated to Ryne Sandberg, because DUH, and Single Page Sensations collections going for a lot of the better players to play the position, from the very old to very new: Roberto Alomar, Jose Altuve, Luis Aparicio, Craig Biggio, Rod Carew, Ray Durham, Jackie Robinson (though he's not here merely for the position he played, obviously), Devon Travis... and of course, the subject of this post himself, Mr. Cano.

Greg mentioned being happy the card went to a Cano collector, and I dwelled on that for a bit, wondering why I don't just take the plunge and make him a full player collection.  I mean, that's my position, and he's already the best to have ever played it, despite probably still having another 3-4 solid offensive seasons left in the tank, and now I suddenly have the showpiece to make it complete when I finally break the 100 card mark a little ways down the line.  And that was that.  Robbie is the real deal now.  A full Player Collection.


It's kind of an anti-climax, and barely even related, but while I was writing this up, I found the Brantley scan and edited to size.  I can't think of any other reason I might have for posting it later though, so I'm gonna leave you with that.
Here's Mikey!
eBay 1/1! :P
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  1. Cano definitely deserves to be a full-fledged collection.