Tuesday, August 23, 2016

COMC Miscellany Vol. 1

Captain Marvel & Absorbing Man 2-piece puzzle card..
It's been at least a couple shipments since the first bunch from COMC (newest batch just came in on the 18th!) I'd originally intended to post about, so I guess I'll just throw it all together into a series of random 5-10 card posts when I feel like it.  Some will have a theme tying them together, making them less miscellaneous than others, but this is not one of those posts.

Up top is a Captain Marvel/Absorbing Man sketch card puzzle.  I feel like I should know the artist, but I can't quite place it, and I'm absolutely terrible with signatures.  I probably don't know who close to half of the artists are on the 250-ish sketch cards I own.  Also, holy crap I own 250-ish sketch cards!  How insane is that?!  I really like the look of this though, and while both pieces came from different sellers, I only ended paying a shade below $7 between them.  Captain Marvel was only $2(!) and several months later, Absorbing Man weighed in a lil under $5.  Great addition to the puzzle binder!
Apex Orange #'ed 14/25..
I'm pretty sure most soccer autos are out of my league, so this low numbered orange parallel of 2014 US World Cup standout Jermaine Jones will likely end up serving as his page's centerpiece.  I don't think it even cost me $3.
Fergie Jenkins/Terry Puhl dual jersey..
I picked up a jumbo Fergie jersey from this interesting set sometime back.  It reads as an Americana-type set for Canada, but it's higher end, which makes it more like a contemporary of the (also originally ITG-produced) Sport Kings.  In practice, the randomness, yet still heavy emphasis on athletes, makes it feel more like Goodwin Champions than anything else.  Regardless, I like it a lot, and I couldn't pass up a copy featuring that glorious old school Astros swatch on Puhl's side once it dropped just within the upper edge of what I'm willing to pay for a relic card.
2015 Panini Cooperstown Crown Royale Silver /75..
Another Fergie, this time a shiny, die-cut numbered insert from a higher end, Hall of Famer-exclusive Panini offering.  Amongst many others, I also have an odd fondness for the juxtaposition of old school players on cards featuring blingy modern technology.  Cooperstown, and the previous year's even more explicitly-titled Hall of Fame, deliver on that particular craving in spades.
2016 Marvel Masterpieces Shanna th She-Devil..
The back..
How about some high end Marvel Masterpieces?  I guess this set is all about Joe Jusko's art, which calling fantastic would be an understatement.  The higher and/or un-#'ed cards are pretty cheap though, so I'll probably be picking up a few more.  I already grabbed one for the Rogue PC that will be coming in next month's shipment.
Get a room...
Speaking of Rogue, I picked up another of these weird Embrace inserts (and sometimes case toppers), the second I have of the four she's represented on.  The other Gambit one and Wolverine are both out of my price range, so this and Magneto *audible shudders* will have to suffice for now.  This and Shanna are from the August shipment.
Padma Lakshmi auto!
We'll close it out on an awesomely random autographical note with this sweet Padma Lakshmi signature.  Not quite a Penmanship Hall of Fame candidate, but her entire name is present and accounted for.  That's always nice, and far too rare.  Pretty cheap for what I consider one of the better names in the set too.  I wanna say it set me back less than $5.  A very nice addition to my random cheap (mainly) celebrity autograph collection, which is surprisingly not all nonsensically beautiful women.  There are some dudes in there as well.  Ed Asner, Jonathan Frakes, Common, Eddie Pope... Okay, so I don't have a bunch of guys.  There are couple more male additions I'd like to make in the relatively near future, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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