Sunday, September 2, 2018

Summer of Sketch Vol. 3: Manly Mans

We've reached the midpoint of the Summer of Sketch series!  As you've likely noticed, I'm mostly not in it for the dudes when it comes to sketch cards & non-sport/other sport stuff in general.  But I do have a place for my favorite male characters in my sketch card binder.  I singled out two pages apiece worth of male characters for both Marvel & DC to target a lone sketch card of, and here's the trio of new additions I was able to make to those pages.
Bombshells Superman Silhouette by Matthew Sutton..
First up, the only DC sketch card in the entire shipment.  They've had a steady card producer in Cryptozoic for the past several years now, but DC is still way, way behind when it comes to cardboard.  They don't have near as many sets to pick from, and the sets they do have are dramatically less elaborate Rittenhouse & especially Upper Deck's Marvel offerings.
Daredevil Seasons 1 & 2 Sleepwalker by Anthony Helmer..
I was stoked to find a licensed sketch of a character as ridiculously unique & obscure as Sleepwalker.  He had 33 issue solo series in the early-'90s and has only rarely been heard from since, usually in major crisis crossovers, likely owing to the uniqueness of much of his dream police powerset.
Premier Colossus by Uko Smith..
Uko Smith is has long been a favorite artist of mine, but I'd never managed to land anything by him until now.  I hope to stumble onto an Uko for my She-Hulk or Rogue collections that I can afford at some point, but this will more than do for now.  Premier is a super-duper high end release and the sketch cards are on crazy thicc stock.  They only just barely fit in binder pages, and not very comfortably.  But beggars can't be choosers, I guess, and I'm just happy to have it.

And that's it!  You've made it through another post.  Go you.  As always, thanks for stopping by!

I'm gonna hunts me some mans!


  1. I really like a lot of the silhouette sketch cards that I've seen, in fact one of my biggest collecting regrets over the last couple of years was waiting too long to decide if I wanted to buy a particular silhouette Mars Attacks sketch card on COMC or not -- the price was a little high, so I second guessed myself... and then somebody else bought it :(

  2. That silhouette sketch is sweet!