Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Obara, Oh Obara

Time to take a quick breather from the Summer of Sketch & Goodwin Champions series for a post, though we're still fully entrenched in non-sport goodness.
I have never watched or read anything Game of Thrones, but I do have a longstanding crush on Keisha Castle-Hughes, so I picked up this auto on eBay, and a few more cards on COMC.
Because like Jon Snow, I know nothing, I'll be posting all the backs, since they have useful blurbs about who the character is and what she gets up to, which seems to be a pretty fair amount.  So at least skip over the backs if you are the type who's buttocks are chafed at spoilers by three by spoilers for things you really already should've seen by now.
Foil parallels..
Here are a pair of foil parallels that didn't scan especially well.  Given the crusty brown borders, they're surprisingly vibrant & nice looking in real life, but they just kind of weird & gross here.
Some useful informations..
Scans not doing cards justice is a recurring theme across the blogosphere, and this post is just loaded with it.
Man, Anakin would hate this post. There's Sand everywhere..
Even this insert, which seems like it scanned okay, is not immune.  There are all sorts designes carved into the white border that don't show up at all.
More spoilers.  Apparently lots of people die violent, gruesome deaths on this show.  So it's pretty much wholesome, lighthearted fun for the whole family. 😆
Valyrian Steel gold parallel /100..
The gold versions are noticeably darker & a little blurrier than the base versions, but they aren't nearly as bad as my scanner would have you believe.  This almost makes it look like a hologram or shadowbox or something, but it absolutely isn't.
Obara got back..
The back didn't fair much better, but you can kinda read it and see that it's #'ed 9/100.  Yeah, being able to read the status symbol part, that's the important thing. 🙄
Valyrian Steel base..
Fortunately, I also have the base version, and for all the trouble my scanner had with these cards, this one might have actually managed to somehow come out looking better than it does in real life.  You just never know.
So many bastards, so little time...
GoT: Almost single-handedly making up for the lack of bastard daughters in all other forms of entertainment.

And on that note, it's time to call it a post.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until our next...


  1. She was great in her first film, Whale Rider.

  2. The Sand Snakes are awesome! Some of my favorite characters on the show. If you get the chance to watch the show, I'd highly recommend it. It's one of my favorite shows of all-time.