Sunday, January 28, 2018

Some COMC Stuff

Not a whole lot to say.  It's exactly what the title says it is. Some of these I've had for awhile, some of them came in my last shipment of 2017 (January's shipment hasn't been scanned yet).  The cards pretty much speak for themselves.  So just sit back & enjoy this random, eclectic selection of sweet, sweet cardboardy goodness, with minimal commentary relegated to the caption.
Did you even know JAG cards were a thing?
Another strong contender for greatest photo variation of all-time..

It's less noticeable in the scan, but quality of the image on this card is terrible..
Lotta horizontal in the post.  Scan doesn't begin to show off this card's bling..

Artsy-fartsiness AND cracked ice.  Such a trip..

Love high end Marvel set inserts.  This is hella thicc..

Mini Kosuke plate!

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next...


  1. That Corbin Bernsen auto is really fantastic! And the mini printing plate is pretty cool too, especially since I didn't even know that were such things as mini printing plates.

    1. This (though it seems to be less plentiful) and his Americana autos can often be had for under $10 (mine was right around $5, iirc) if you're in the market for one. And yeah, mini printing plates, at least in this format, rather than the Allen & Ginter framed hit style, were also new to me. I do have at least one other regular-sized printing plate with this type of frame though, and I think this is how most printing plates should be done. Given how they're available in pretty much everything & have been for like 15 years, it definitely helps them stand out.