Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sketch Cards

A Moana from last year I finally got around to coloring..
It's funny (in a tiresome way) how people suddenly disappear whenever I state a desire to make money with my art, even when it's just to try to make a few bucks because I'm always completely broke by the end of every month (and often well before).  Nevertheless, I persist.  Making a little art here & there is all I have the energy for.  Perhaps spurred on by exceptionally the dire straights my checkbook is in at the end of this month, I've had a little more energy for it than usual.  Of course no one is going to pony up the $10 I'm asking for one of these (honestly, given the time it takes and the quality I can pretty consistently touch these days, they're worth 2-3 times that [and that'd just put me at earning minimum wage in a state with a slightly below average minimum wage]) in time for it to make a difference this month.  But anyway, they're done, and I'm not entirely displeased by them.  So take a gander, if you would.  They're available for sale of trade.
There's probably at least one a Raven in most bunches of sketch cards I reel off, but this is easily the second best attempt at drawing her I've ever done.
Snake Eyes..
I don't really have much to say about Snake Eyes.  The shading just turned out really nice.  Arguably the best of the entire bunch.
Gray She-Hulk..
I don't pay much attention to comics anymore, so I didn't realize She-Hulk had been going through some shit until recently.  I think I might like the gray version better, tbh.
I very nearly completely ruined Cyborg with the paint pen, but ultimately he might be better for it.  I'm also quite fond of how the bits of cartoon Cyborg look on an otherwise basically comic booky version of him.
The first card I drew up of this bunch, but I think only the eighth I finished.  I have a growing love for the Kingdom Come-style black background on the S on her chest.
Captain Marvel..
And now one of the later ones I started but the first one I finished.  Not much to say again.  I like it, but it's not my favorite.
Poison Ivy..
Getting into the home stretch with the last one I actually like.  I thought about, & briefly attempted to make this a Harley & Ivy puzzle, but alas.
Unless I'm doing athletes, I usually traffick in girlie cards, but the dudes were respectably represented this time.  I don't like how Nightcrawler himself turned out (though I don't mind it as much, looking at it as I type this right now), but the BAMFing background is alright, I guess.
Yeah, I dunno WTF is supposed to be going on in the background there either.  I had an idea for it, but I pretty much I botched it completely.  Oh well, the rest is passable enough, I guess. 🙄

And that be that.  Like I said at the top, hit me up if you're interested in anything.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until our next...


  1. Do you happen to draw dogs? If so, I'd be interested in having you draw my friend's Bernese Mountain dogs.